Still a Beloved Cunt (99catsaway) wrote in myspacedrama,
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Bite me, choir boy.

I knowwwww I shouldn't reply to spammers, or jerks in general, but I did when I got this message from "Lone Angel":

LONE ANGEL: Hot, But I think you need maturity...Ever tried Salvia? It can be purchased at passion Cove 281-443-6900

Me: Your mom needs maturity.

LONE ANGEL: Thanks for the abuse.

Me: Thanks for the shitty spam.

LONE ANGEL: All this from a person who claims in her my space to be awhore and athiest. What a piece of work you are. It would only be fitting you are in politics. Do the people you work for know you are such a bitch and don't mind running over anyone who gets in your way?  Sorry to try and be your friend. You know some people may need a friend and you slash them as you have me, does that make you proud, as proud as professing you are a whore?

(Under "occupation" on my Myspace, it says "Hooker" as a joke.  It also says I make $250,000 a year!)
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