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Wow. It sure has been a hard time for LiveJournal lately, hasn't it? With "Strike Through `07," everyone seemed to turn their backs on LJ the day that LJ turned their backs on Free Speech for 3 whole days. Three days out of the past nine years. WOW. And all those people got their LJs and their communities back, didn't they? Yeah. The LJ staff sure are a bunch of nice people. They work hard. I bet those Potter Perverts over in snaperape never get any ads on their home pages, do they? No. Or SPAM from LJ in their inboxes? I doubt it. I bet they never get phished.
But that happens all the time at MySpace. So much so that they had to go and make programs to try and stop it, and even then, it hasn't stopped.
If you have an account you can look at Tom's latest update and see his update about how the `Space installed "CAPTCHA codes" to many of their features so they could stop spammers and phishers. Regardless, it hasn't worked.

If you don't know what it is, a CAPTCHA is a terrific acronym. It's when you have to enter text and numbers so a website can make sure you're not a `bot, like this: YmZ15#
See? It's really annoying.

Now would you want to stick with the social networking site that's kept you free of harm since 1999, or go on one full idiots, whores, and worst of all, junk e-mail? Tom said it himself in his own blog: "myspace has attracted the attention of professional spammers."

If you or someone you know is addicted to MySpace, there is help. Just send them to F.L.A.M.E. -- The Federation of LiveJournalers Against MySpace Entirely. We can cure their awful disease.
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