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It's almost that time of year again!

Last year, I had a short interview with the inventor of the man who started the phenomenon, Simon Owens. Now, it's a year later and if you didn't do it the first time around or if you know a bunch of others like us who are fed up with The `Space's bullshit, you can show them just how to delete their account!

Now, don't get confused, the stance of F.L.A.M.E. (The Federation of LiveJournalers Against MySpace Entirely) is still the same: MySpace should be a social networking site for independent entrepreneurs; musical artists, directors and film students, comedians, professional wrestlers, comic creators, photographers and other artists. Not retards showing off their "bods," their cars, their dogs or anyone trying to get you to subscribe to a sex site and especially NOT scene kids taking horrible photo angles of themselves with bad hairstyles and tight pants.

So if you still have an account used for "social interacting," and are sick of the bullshit, then tomorrow, January 30th, it's time to DELETE YOUR MySpace ACCOUNT. Just follow these simple rules, and as long as MySpace doesn't fuck with you too much, your account should end up being deleted.

1. Log in at Myspace dot com. Unfortunately, this is a must if you want to delete your account

2. Click on “account settings” next to your profile picture

3. Click on the “cancel account” link at the bottom of the screen

4. On this screen it tells you to confirm your cancellation. It also provides you a box to explain why you’re canceling your account. To really drive home the message, you should either put “Because it’s International Delete Your Myspace Account Day!” or "Because your site makes me lose my faith in humanity, and I need to tie up lose ends before killing myself." as your reason.

5. You should receive an email that will allow you to “confirm” (hey, didn’t I already “confirm” it like two clicks ago? Myspace sure doesn’t want me to leave) your cancellation. After you’ve once again confirmed it, it tells you to give it 48 hours to complete the cancellation.

6. If your profile doesn’t disappear in 48 hours, raise bloody hell.

Once this is done, pass on the information to anyone you know who still has a `Space and is unhappy with their shitty little life on the net watching videos of Boxxy and playing WoW.

LiveJournal. Even with the Russians and the Snape Rape, we're the superior Social Networking Site.
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