Marshall Arts (weezel365) wrote in myspacedrama,
Marshall Arts

Do you hate MySpace as much as I do?

I know you do, you all make fun of it and the people on there all the time! And despite the fact that most of you probably have accounts with The `Space anyways, I want you to come and join the premiere MySpace Hating Community around, F.L.A.M.E. -- The Federation of LiveJournalers Against MySpace Entirely.

We're community for LiveJournal users who HATE everything about MySpace, from their founder Tom Anderson to the hordes of scene kids and cam whores using bad camera angles to further prove that they are nothing more than sheep and lemmings walking off a cliff led by a media machine.
Come, help us spread our members, help us spread the word, and come and make fun of other people you see.

We've been going strong for a little over a year now, but we can always use more members. Come on. Dive in the pool.
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